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Thursday, February 9, 2012


DD&F Consulting Group was recently ranked #1 in completed FDIC assisted acquisitions by SNL Financial for 2011.  Ranked second was the international firm Keefe, Bruyette and Woods, LLC headquartered in New York City.  SNL Financial collects, standardizes and reports on all relevant financial news pertaining to financial institutions, and is considered the primary information resource worldwide for the financial services industry.

DD&F Consulting, a full service financial consulting company founded in 1993, completed 12 transactions during 2011 totaling $5.47 billion in assumed deposits.  Since 2009, DD&F Consulting Group has successfully assisted with the acquisition of 36 failed banks, ranking second over this time frame in number of deals completed.

In addition to assistance with bidding, DD&F is client focused and offers extensive training to help banks prepare their management team for the acquisition and provides “hands on” assistance with closing weekend takeovers by the client.  After the acquisition, DD&F provides assistance with core systems, IT, and cultural and organizational consolidation and integration of the two banks. “We offer a complete acquisition service to our bank clients which we believe is a unique approach,” stated Randy Dennis, President of DD&F Consulting Group.  “We’ve found that the banks we work with value our overall knowledge of the FDIC process and the additional services we can provide.  They prepare their bids understanding the entire FIDC process and as a result, are highly competitive in their bid and ready for an overnight takeover on short notice.  We act as part of their deployment team and our post acquisition services also help them to integrate all systems and people in an organized and intentional way.”

In the past, DD&F Consulting Group has worked mostly with regional buyers in the South and Southeast part of the United States, but has seen their market expand as bank participation in the government assisted transactions has increased.  As a result DD&F has been involved in training of prospective bidders in failed-bank acquisitions from California to Florida.

“We’ve been fortunate to be on the cutting edge of this unique opportunity and we have learned a great deal along with our clients and the regulators.  Our clients understand that you won’t win all of the time.  If you win all of the time, you’re paying too much.”   Dennis stated.   “We think our one stop, client centered approach to the process makes us an attractive partner for banks interested in this type of transactions—especially community banks with limited resources.  We have developed a good working relationship with the banking regulators across the country and the FDIC which also helps our clients.”

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