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IMPORTANT UPDATE! FDIC Broadens Buyout Eligibility Criteria

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


FDIC Broadens Buyout Eligibility Criteria

Over the last couple of years, DD&F has been actively involved in helping banks in the process of helping banks buy out of loss share. Of the 112 buyout that have occurred, we have actively participated in 36 buyouts or 32% of all the buyouts completed. In this process, we have seen many changes and adjustments, but last week the FDIC announced a big change which opens the door for even more banks to pursue buyouts. Previously, the FDIC had identified and contacted certain acquirers (“AI’s”) as candidates for early termination of loss share, so not all banks are aware of the process.  To be eligible to terminate your agreements, you had to meet two eligibility criteria… to see more, click on the link below.


UPDATE-FDIC Broadens Loss Share Buyout Eligibility Criteria – May 2016


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