Meet Our Staff

DD&F’s team consists of a group of dedicated administrative support staff and consulting professionals with expertise in the financial services industry. We understand that we exist because of our clients and that we are entrusted with responsibility that can significantly impact the success of an institution.

Our goal is to humbly serve you in order to make your institution successful and to help you solve problems as they arise. That's why when you decide to work with us we will work hard to earn your trust every day, in every situation. We are the staff of DD&F and we are "Guided by Principles".

In 2016 DD&F was honored to receive the Governor’s Quality Award for Excellence, which is open to all types of businesses in Arkansas and modeled after the Malcolm Baldridge Awards for Quality.  This award took five years to achieve, through a long  and rigorous process, and it has greatly helped us in our pursuit of excellence and living our mission, which is to help our clients succeed. Though we are all very proud of the award and the work we have done thus far, our journey is not complete. Our President Randy Dennis said it best in his acceptance speech:

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“The award is certainly something to celebrate, but it is also something we accept humbly. An award is not the goal—continuous improvement and a commitment to excellence and the success of our clients and employees are the real end game. The true value of this award will be what we do at the office tomorrow morning, and the day after that, and the day after that. On every project, for every client. Our standards are higher now, but so is our ability to meet them. DD&F is a better company than it was five years ago, and we look forward to showing up at the office tomorrow to prove it.”

Randy Dennis, President