John Hargrave, Managing Parter

John Hargrave

Managing Partner

John Hargrave serves as Managing Partner over the Bank Performance and Risk Management groups, providing expertise in non-traditional business plan development, anti-trust consulting, regulatory consulting, statistical analysis and branch transactions. As new opportunities unfold with the evolving banking industry, John facilitates the development of new strategies and services to meet the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities afforded by the changing banking landscape.

When John isn’t using his many skills at work, he and his wife, Linda, enjoy spending time with their family (particularly their granddaughter, Ava).  He also enjoys cycling, hunting and fishing, activities at his church, and following his favorite team, the Razorbacks.

Professional Experience
  • Project Management
    Extensive background in project management services for a broad spectrum of services including merger and acquisition, regulatory intervention, consolidation, and strategic projects.

  • Risk Management Services
    Oversees Risk Management practice.  Developed Information Systems Risk Management services for DD&F, including Information Security Audit, Information Security Program Development, and Disaster Recovery Program Development.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
    Served as project coordinator for the marketing, sale, and closing of over 70 branches; provided consolidation services post-acquisition for numerous bank mergers and acquisitions; designed and implemented program to assist clients with preparation for and implementation of failed bank acquisition strategy; coordinated the development of non-traditional business plans in conjunction with acquiring regulatory approval for bank acquisitions.

  • Strategic Planning
    Extensive experience in the definition and development of focused and comprehensive strategic plans and implementation strategies, and the development of detailed business plans for internal and regulatory purposes.

  • Financial and Statistical Analysis
    Developed various analysis tools and methods for the evaluation of financial and statistical data, including the development of a computer-based financial model providing pro forma financial projections for regulatory and planning purposes.  Developed performance report that provided for banks to evaluate their performance as compared to various peer groups.

Professional Background

DD&F Consulting Group, Little Rock, Arkansas.
Managing Partner over the Bank Performance and Risk Management groups using his analytical, organizational and project management skills to build frameworks for internal development and for the facilitation of M&A transactions.

Cornerstone Bible Fellowship, North Little Rock, Arkansas.
Served as Executive Pastor with primary responsibilities in internal systems, organizational planning, project planning and implementation, and ministry development.

AFS Financial Group, Little Rock, Arkansas.
Consultant responsible for financial analysis and pro forma financial projections.

Southwestern Bell, Little Rock, Arkansas.
Manager with positions in project management, capital budgeting, and circuit design.


John Hargrave managing principal

SNL Securities
Analyst Training

Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary

Industrial Engineering from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR

Registered Professional Engineer (inactive), State of Arkansas