An independent and objective assessment of your brand in the marketplace.

You’ve heard that perception is reality, and this is especially true in a crowded marketplace like yours. A BrandCheck will give you a look from the outside in – arming your marketing and brand teams with insights and action steps:

  • Who you are:

    Is there a clear and compelling mission/vision? Is there a purpose beyond profits? Is the brand story articulated and interesting?

  • How you talk:

    Do you have clear value propositions that are unique and relevant to your target audiences? Is your tone of voice consistent and appropriate?

  • How you look:

    Does your logo feel current and unique, and is it optimized for digital uses? Are design elements consistent and images purposeful?

  • Your brand online:

    Does your navigation and content help deliver the brand promise? Is your content interesting and organized for a delightful user experience?

  • Your brand in-person:

    Do your offices reflect who you are? Do exterior and interior spaces make employees comfortable and customers feel cared-for?

  • Your brand in the media:

    Is there a clear strategy for owned, earned and paid media that aligns with overall business goals? Are you in control of the narrative?

BrandCheck assessment cover

Is your brand uniquely flavored or disappointingly vanilla?

Let’s Find Out

The BrandCheck assessment is a collaboration with our partner agency Stature. Visit Stature.Design to learn more.

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself any direction you choose.”

– Dr. Suess

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