Simplify your loan forgiveness process and improve efficiency. Our toolkit can help you reduce review time by HOURS!

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Because the PPP loan process can seem overwhelming to your borrowers, we’ve developed a tool designed to help them make sense of it all.

Our PPP Borrower’s Toolkit helps borrowers develop a realistic expectation of their estimated forgiveness and improve your institution’s upcoming forgiveness review process for businesses of all sizes. It also includes
a letter you can send to borrowers with detailed instructions, qualifying expenses and recommended documentation.

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PPP maze metaphor


PPP instructions

Detailed Instructions

PPP schedule A worksheet

PPP Schedule A Worksheet

PPP non-payroll expense worksheet

Non-Payroll Expense Worksheet

Loan Forgiveness Calculation Form

Payroll Expense Documentation

PPP Forgiveness Documentation Requirements

Forgiveness Documentation Requirements

Because “small” businesses range widely in size, we offer two versions of our toolkit:

Basic Version:

with manual data entry (for use by businesses with a small number of employees)

Data Import Version:

(for businesses with larger numbers who don’t want to mess with manual entry)

  • Lender Instructions:

    Guidance for distributing the Toolkit to your borrowers, plus loan documentation for the forgiveness review process and a letter to borrowers.


  • PPP Fact Sheet:

    Includes information regarding the loan forgiveness process and FAQs.


  • SBA Forgiveness Calculation Form:

    A linked application form with SBA Schedule A plus related worksheets helps consolidate information and simplify documentation.


  • Data Entry Worksheets:

    Borrower can enter payroll (manual entry or imported data) and nonpayroll expenses. Worksheets calculate estimated forgiveness, taking into account any staff/salary reductions. We’ve used the latest SBA guidelines and crunched the numbers so you don’t have to.


  • Documentation Checklist:

    Includes allowable categories for loan use and the documentation to include with a forgiveness request (based on the latest SBA guidelines & AICPA recommendations). Our Toolkit can be tailored to your institution’s specific requirements.


  • Action Steps:

    Help borrowers manage use of loan funds in the eight-week timeframe between loan disbursement and the submission of forgiveness application.


Things are moving fast, but we’re here to help. Contact us to discuss Toolkit pricing and training options:


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In times of uncertainty, the ones who serve their clients well will be the ones who build strong relationships for the future.

We invite you to use the Borrower’s Toolkit to do just that.

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