Policies & Risk Assessment

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Policy Development/Review
and Risk Management Programs

  • Cybersecurity Program

  • Information Security Program

  • Identity Theft Prevention/Red Flags Program

  • Remote Deposit Capture

  • ACH policy

  • Internet/Mobile Banking Policy

  • Incident Management Program

  • IT Policy Manual

  • Various other IT Policies (wire, social media…)

  • BSA/CIP/OFAC Policy and Program

  • Regulation CC Funds Availability

  • Complaint Policy

  • Privacy Policy

  • Overdraft Protection Program

  • Loan Policy

  • Regulation F Interbank Liabilities

  • Bank Protection Act- Security Policy

  • Regulation GG- Unlawful Internet Gambling Policy

  • Non-deposit Investment Products Policy

Man standing in server room assessing IT security risk

Risk Assessments

  • Cybersecurity Assessment

  • Customer Information Security RA

  • Identity Theft/Red Flags RA

  • Remote Deposit Capture RA

  • ACH RA

  • Internet & Mobile Banking RA (with CATO)


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“Of all the decisions we made, working with DD&F was by far the best one. They are responsive and have helped us achieve excellent grades from the regulators… We have entrusted them with our business and they have played an integral role to our ongoing success.”

– Anthony Humphries, President & CEO, Noble Bank & Trust

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